Vikram Goldmine Logo

The Iconic “Vikram Goldmine” is representing your endeavors to innovate and excel in every dimension of our business spectrum. A novel concept exceeding and will leave you splendid business spaces in the form of extraordinarily designed professional unit and retail shops. The world of business is changing every day. And the present scenario demands infrastructure, connectivity and a work environment that is future ready. It’s not “ Vikram Goldmine … A True Gold Minting Mine”

The gold rush has begun and it is changing Pune – from the earth down below to its skyline above. And if in the midst of all this you come across a goldmine, what do you do?

We called it “Vikram Goldmine.”


  • Automatic lifts
  • CC TV Camera
  • Designer lobbies
  • BACKUP for common area
  • High-speed Elevators
  • Brodband Ready
  • Car Parking
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Generator Backup

An intelligent Premises

  • Small units 300sq-ft -700sq-ft
  • High speed Lifts ensure minimal waiting times
  • State-of-art Broadband Connectivity Ready
  • Centrally located core, allowing direct and clear access from lift lobbies to units
  • Intelligent flat planning system are integrated into to the basic structure of the building, allowing tenants to do design their own flat environment while still adhering to a Common Design Concept


  • Column Free units
  • Bare shell to suit your requirement
  • Backup for elevator & common areas

  • Designer lobby
  • Permanent exterior surface coating
  • Fire fighting system
  • Broadband ready.
  • Automatic Elevator
  • Designer tiles & fixtures for self contained toilets
  • Permanent exterior surface coating
  • Generator backup
  • Car parking